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26 Feb 2022 - 12:37am

A pleasant moment from last July, a week after Annik's memorial service. I never got around to posting it...


Balancing out and offsetting some of the heavy stuff that I have/am still/will continue to write about, here.

Shelby-Alice and I took a 2-hour nap this afternoon. It was really nice. The weather was warm today, but a bit less so than last week (or next week), so we kept the windows open and the AC off. Neighborhood sounds drifting in from outside. The clock in Kodi's stomach went off exactly at 4pm; his gentle but insistent pawing at the edge of my side of the mattress informed me that it was Dinner Time.

I've got a few around-the-house handy-chores to do. I should go do them.


Here's another, from the following week:

Outside the 'Firehouse Laundromat' on Cochran, waiting for a couple loads to finish drying. Funny that my thoughts have been veering towards laundry and laundromats lately; I'm trying to resurrect a 20-year-old Gilliamesque adventure for Shiny Robot Boy to star in, if I ever get it filmed. It involves dimensional portals in clothes dryers. Our home washer and dryer units are broken. The timer on the dryer stopped working last month, and the washing machine stopped working altogether today. They were housewarming gifts from Annik, a little over 4 years ago.

(I went on vacation 2 days after writing that)


[ This space intentionally left blank as placeholder for vacation ]


...and then from the week after that:

I came home from the De-escalation Walk I'd gone on... which is a thing that I do when Shelby-Alice tries to pick a fight with me (on this occasion it was my failure to regulate the tone of my voice)... I sat down at my desk and then Kodi had a seizure. He recovered, got up, was unsteady and disoriented... but was more or less back to normal by this morning.

(Kodi had another seizure a month later. In November, 3 years and a day after Juno died, his condition deteriorated to the point that we had to have him put to sleep. We called a vet who makes house calls, so his last moments were here, at home, surrounded by his family. I can't write about this any more right now.)


That earlier memory of a nap on a warm summer afternoon: it'd be so nice to experience something like that again. I don't know if I will. It certainly doesn't feel like it at the moment. Tonight was... horrible. Grotesque. Toxic. I'm pricing U-Hauls and storage spaces.



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